Home Learning Agreement


The following is an agreement between the staff, parents and pupils of Corpus Christi Catholic High School when using video-conferencing and/or live streaming.  We ask that you take time to read the statements and sign accordingly to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the statements.  This is a necessary document to ensure the correct safeguarding measures are in place to protect both staff and pupils.  Please note that the delivery of live streaming or video-conferencing lessons/sessions are not a mandatory requirement for all staff, and they are done on a voluntary basis.

Teaching and Support staff agree to :

  • Discuss roles and responsibilities with learners at the outset of all lessons/sessions
  • Notify the school or setting’s senior management team, learners and parents/carers of any scheduled lessons/sessions, cancelled lessons/sessions or changes in arrangements
  • Ensure that they keep themselves up to date with all relevant policies and procedures, including online safety, safeguarding and data protection policies
  • Prevent a one-to-one situation at the end of an online class by disconnecting all participants at the close of the lesson/session.

Pupils agree to :

  • Be punctual for all video-conferencing lessons/sessions
  • Access the relevant files for each lesson/session in advance and have the materials to hand
  • Make sure they have all power adaptors and laptops ready before the lesson/session begins and are logged into the lesson/session
  • Show respect for everyone in the online classroom
  • Dress appropriately for all lessons/sessions, thinking about respect for others
  • Ensure the location they log in from is appropriate and change their ‘background’ setting as agreed with the practitioner
  • Seek to contribute to the lesson/session in a positive manner and not be disruptive at any time
  • Not share images of the session or lesson

Parents/Carers agree to :

  • Discuss all of the pupil statements listed above with their children to ensure they understand them
  • To not be visible or interact with their child, other pupils or teacher during a lesson/session
  • To notify the teacher, through email if there are any issues after the end of a lesson/session



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Home Learning Agreement

Home Learning Agreement
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