Liaison With Parents

A productive partnership between parents and the school is essential if children are to develop to their full potential. The school communicates via

  • the school diary
  • parents' evenings
  • newsletters and other communication posted on the school website
  • the Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
  • by writing individually to parents or asking them to come to the school

However, Corpus Christi wants the relationship between school and home to be interactive. You are, therefore, very welcome to contact the school, preferably by letter, if you have any queries or concerns about your child's progress.

 The School Diary

As mentioned earlier, the School Diary contains a section whereby you can see on a daily basis how your child is progressing in school.  A grid contains reward stickers your pupil has been given and also indicates if he or she has misbehaved, been late, forgotten equipment or failed to hand in homework.  Both school and parents have found the diary to be very useful and productive.  Parents are asked to sign the diary once a week.


Every pupil receives an annual report which also contains a section where both pupils and parents can respond to the report. Reports generally vary a little for different year groups.  Year 9 reports, for example, contain details of National Curriculum levels.

Parents' Evenings

These generally occur in the Autumn or Spring Term and allow you to consult teachers on their child's progress.  We try to keep waiting to a minimum on these occasions but there is some unavoidable queuing.  We can only ask you to exercise the usual stoical patience that only parents possess! 

Information Evenings

The school usually holds an Information Evening once a year when parents can learn about the school’s examination performance, developments in the school and a variety of other issues.  This is usually held in the Autumn term.