Cycle Safety

Corpus Christi asks that all pupils cycling to and from school wear cycle helmets throughout their journey and wear reflective clothing, or strips, to ensure they can be clearly seen. Lights are suggested for dark winter days.

On entering the school in the morning the following route down the driveway is suggested:

  • Cross over the road using the second crossing on the drive and cycle along the cycle track (pavement) on the right hand side of the drive.
  • Once around the oval pupils should then use the crossing at the end to cross back onto the correct side of the road.
  • Then cycle on the left as normal to store their bike in the cycle rack.

This will avoid pupils having to negotiate buses, coaches and cars. Please ensure you bring the necessary equipment to secure your bike to the stands. When leaving the school at the end of the day, cyclists are asked not to try to cycle out of school until the buses have left.