ALN Interventions

ALN Interventions in Corpus Christi 

As an ALN department we offer a wide range of support for a variety of conditions that are present in our pupils in Corpus Christi. As a school we provide over 30 different interventions ranging from 1:1 support, withdrawn interventions and in-class support provided by our team of experienced staff and teaching assistants within the school. We also liaise closely with agencies outside of the school to provide support from them to help our learners within school. 

We are always looking to provide interventions that support our students and have a measurable impact on their ability to grow and mature into sensible, well rounded, and resilient learners who can cope in a school learning environment. 

Our interventions are tailor made to support the individual needs of our learners and can be delivered over a short or longer period depending on the needs of the individual. 

For all our students on the ALN register we will always look to work with parents to offer a level of support that will benefit the student and as required will look to review and assess this support during annual reviews. 

Below are some of the specialised interventions that we offer within school: 

In school we now have a team of staff who have been trained as Practitioners in the Thrive Approach. Based on attachment theory and neuroscience, the Thrive Approach uses an on-line profiling platform to identify the emotional developmental needs within a child. Practitioners can then use specific, targeted activities to support pupils with their behaviour and well-being. Using play and creativity, regular Thrive sessions at Corpus Christi provide pupils with the tools and strategies needed to support self-regulation and emotional balance. 

The video attached summarises the impact of Thrive within schools in the UK. 


Emotional literacy is an intervention that supports social and emotional learning. This includes managing strong feelings, anger management, improving self-esteem, social skills and supporting pupils with bereavement. 


Talkabout is a structured programme for teaching and measuring social skills. It is a whole scheme of work which helps you assess, teach and measure your work easily. It uses a hierarchical method of teaching social skills which means that having assessed the child using the Talkabout assessment, teachers will choose the appropriate level or book to start work at. This means that you may start by developing a child’s self-awareness and self-esteem before progressing onto body language. You will then move onto conversation skills and then onto friendship skills and assertiveness. 

Below is a link to a video of Alex Kelly discussing why she developed this intervention. 


EAL Support

At Corpus Christi we welcome students from all over the globe into our classes. As they work in the school, we can put in place interventions to help them develop their level English so that they can access all areas of the curriculum. It is a fact that these students with English as Another Language (EAL) will acquire the skills in English they need by being placed in a mainstream class and learning from their peers. If they need more support with Academic language, we have staff in the school trained to offer them with targeted interventions to meet this need.  
We also run an Inferential Reading scheme which is a thinking and speaking development program supported by our yr11 students who work with some of our yr7 & yr8 EAL learners to help them with their English language acquisition. 

Literacy Interventions

At Corpus Christi High School, we look to provide a wide range of Literacy Interventions that meet the specific needs of individual students within our classes. This maybe by reading interventions, differentiated work sheets or more specialised interventions depending on the needs of the learner. 

At Keystage 3 every student in school is encouraged to read and then use an online programme called Accelerated Reader in our school library which supports and tracks their progress in developing their reading and literacy skills. 

This video explains why reading is so important and why we use Accelerated Reader in school. 

Numeracy Interventions

If a student is identified as struggling with their numeracy, we will put in place support provided by one of the members of staff in the maths department. These sessions will identify areas for improvement and build the skills and confidence learners need to help them succeed. 

As well as this support, students identified as having a specific difficulty in this area will also receive additional withdrawn support, we will use Star Maths to track their progress and identify areas of success and for improvement. 

This video explains why we use STAR assessments in school to track students’ progress regularly.