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Class Charts for Parents

Our school Mission Statement and Corpus Christi Pupil Profile challenge our pupils and our school community to live by values which are Christ centred.

As part of this process we use a programme called Classcharts to monitor pupil behaviour, attitude to learning and homework. 

This means that you can track your child’s behaviour every day, and have those really important conversations with them when they arrive home. This includes celebrating their achievements, but also dealing with any negative behaviour that has occurred. Attendance can also be accessed daily making it easy to track pupil attendance throughout the year. 

Developing independent and accountable learners is extremely important to us at Corpus Christi. As a result, all pupils and parents will be expected to create a Classcharts account and monitor this daily. Without full engagement from parents and pupils, it is unlikely that the full benefits Classcharts will be recognised.

Classcharts for Pupils

Each pupil has been given a unique access code so they can access all the valuable information Classcharts has to offer.  As the use of phones continues to be prohibited during school hours, the application will only be available for pupils to use before 8:55am and after 3:30pm.

The Reward Store

The reward store within Classcharts allows pupils to spend their behaviour points.  Examples of items that are available on the Reward Store are:

· Stationary ( various essential items)

· Footballs

· Water bottles

· Kit Bags

· Various canteen items

Donations to our Corpus Christi Reward Store would be greatly appreciated. Please contact for more information.

Log in Guidance

Please search your app store to download the Class Charts App free of charge. Once on the Class Charts website we advise that you listen to the short tutorial to assist you in logging in. If you have more than one child at Corpus Christi you can use the plus sign in the top right hand corner with the additional access codes you have received.

Year 7 pupils are given parental access codes during their first week in school. Parents are able to set up an account using this unique access code.

Parents of those pupils in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 would have had an account already set up on their behalf. If you experience trouble logging in, please select the ‘Forgot your password?’ option which will allow you to set up a new password. 


Classcharts Homework guide for parents