School PFA

Who are we?

A group of parents and teachers who raise extra funds for the school. How do we raise money? We serve refreshments at various school events such as musical productions, gym and dance evenings, Christmas carol concerts, and school discos.

What is the money used for?

The money is donated to various school departments to buy extra equipment to enhance our children’s education. We also spend money in other areas which benefit the school; at our last meeting we agreed to buy new table tennis tables for outside areas on school grounds. This year, the PFA will also donate money to a new reward scheme the school is about to introduce, the scheme will be used to motivate and encourage pupils, our donations will be spent on rewards such as cinema/ restaurant vouchers.

Why join us?

High school can seem very daunting to parents after the smaller, community feel of primary school and it is easy to feel out of touch. Participating in PFA meetings and activities can help you feel more involved in school life, meeting other parents and teachers and making new friends.

What is involved?

We hold a few informal meetings a year, and our AGM is held in early October; but the main help we need is in serving refreshments at school events – you can do as little or as much as you want! We sell wine and beer, sweets, crisps, teas and coffees; not forgetting the mince pies at Christmas! We have various roles such as Secretary/Treasurer in the PFA – but if you don’t feel you can take on a role, we’d be more than happy for you to just join us and come and help at events.

How do I join?

Contact the Co-Chairs of the PFA and we can let you know when we’re next meeting – or when the next event is coming up.: