Motto, Mission & Badge

At Corpus Christi, we strive to live the values of the gospel. Our curriculum is firmly rooted in the teachings of the Church and we try to provide an education which nurtures and develops all children so that they lead caring, compassionate and fulfilling lives. Education, for us, means the formation of the whole person, spiritually and morally as well as intellectually, physically and socially. We help our young people to deepen their knowledge and understanding of their faith and offer them the opportunity to engage actively in the Church and her liturgy, especially the Mass.

Motto and Mission Statement

School Motto: Together we are the body of Christ

Mission Statement:

In our school community, we:

  • show our love by helping and forgiving each other
  • recognise that everyone is unique and celebrate their differences
  • value ourselves, develop our talents and help others to develop theirs
  • strive for excellence in everything we do
  • grow closer to God in word, in Sacrament and in what we do
  • live in partnership with all those around us
  • respond to Christ's call to build His Church

School Badge

School logo

The motto on the school badge is:

CHRISTUS PANIS VITAE (Christ is the Bread of Life).

The badge has several elements:

  • The Chi-Rho Monogram (XP), which are the first two letters of the Greek name for Christ - CHRISTOS. This monogram has long been used as a visual symbol of Christianity.
  • Ears of wheat from which bread is made and which, in its consecrated form, becomes the Host of the Mass.
  • Two fish which, together with the bread, symbolise Christ's miracle in feeding the multitude. The fish (ICHTHUS) has also long been in Christian art the symbol of Christ and sometimes, too, of the newly baptised. It came into use in the second century and is frequently found in the paintings of the catacombs, in combination with bread and wine. In the fourth and fifth centuries, the fish became an emblem of the Eucharist.
  • The colours of the badge are those of wheat and wine. The shape of the badge is circular, in keeping with that of the sacred Host.

The school badge, therefore, represents symbolically some of the fundamentals of our faith - Christ, its Head and cornerstone; the sacred elements of bread and wine; and the Eucharistic sacrifice - reminding us that Christ is the Bread of Life-sustaining us on life's pilgrimage.


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