Child Protection

“We all share a responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, whether as a parent, or family member, a friend or neighbour, an employer or as a paid or volunteer worker. All members of the community can help to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people and should act to do so if they have concerns about a child’s welfare” Safeguarding Children: Working Together under the Children Act 2004”

Corpus Christi Catholic High School acknowledges the importance of its role in the welfare of young people, and through the general ethos of the school will seek to encourage children in need of support to come forward.

Corpus Christi Catholic High School is committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all children and will take action to safeguard their wellbeing and acknowledge that children have a right to protection.

Corpus Christi High School will work with multi-disciplinary partners within the statutory frameworks from official guidelines.

The Child Protection policy applies to all staff and volunteers at Corpus Christi High School, including community education staff and governors. Teaching assistants, mid-day supervisors, supply staff, administrative and support staff as well as teachers can be the first point of disclosure for a child. Concerned parents may also contact the school or governors. The policy will be reviewed annually taking into account feedback from Governing Bodies and Schools and any new policy documentation or guidance.

If you have any concerns regarding a child’s wellbeing or in the event of a disclosure, contact the Designated Senior Person (DSP) or Deputy Designated Senior Persons (DDSP) at the school. If a disclosure is made about the Headteacher contact the Chair of Governors. The full Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy can be found in the Policies section of the website.

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Team

Mr Harris (DSP) Mr McKeever (DDSP) Mrs Jones (DDSP)
Dharris Tmckeever Mrs Jones
Mrs Wilson (DDSP) Ms Lane (DDSP)
Mrs Wilson Miss Lane