Parent Update

Posted on: December 11th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Welsh Government arrangement for the end of term

Yesterday evening, we received information from Cardiff Local Authority regarding a directive from Welsh Government outlining the arrangements for secondary schools during the last week of term:

Secondary schools and colleges in Wales will move to online learning from Monday, December 14th as part of a ‘national effort to reduce transmission of coronavirus’ Education Minister Kirsty Williams confirmed yesterday.

What does this mean for families at Corpus Christi Catholic High School?

This means that, for the last week of term, your child will learn from home. They will already have experienced this form of learning either when their year group has self-isolated or during the fire-break week at the start of November. Our successful blended learning approach will again be used to maintain continuity of learning for pupils at the end of term.

Pupils will follow their normal school timetable. Work will be assigned on TEAMs which is accessed via the ‘Home Learning’ tab on the school website. The work provided will be either:

  • A pre-recorded webinar, with a video or a narrated PowerPoint where teachers will explain and model concepts, followed by questions for pupils to answer.
  • Self-study sessions where pupils will work through tasks and activities the teacher has set.
  • A video conference where pupils and teachers can interact and exchange ideas simultaneously.

ClassCharts will be used to communicate to pupils, parents and carers on the completion/submission of work and to timetable a scheduled video conference. If you have not yet logged into the ClassCharts app, please contact the school office via email.

We have listened to feedback from parents, pupils and teachers and have worked hard to create guidance for pupils and staff regarding live video conference lessons. Staff will schedule this type of lesson if it is appropriate and beneficial to do so. Pupils should take time to read and understand the expectations during video conference lessons. This guidance is available on the home learning tab found on the school website.

This coming week KS3 learners will be provided with asynchronous resources only. However, there may be some synchronous lessons planned for KS4. We ask parents and carers for their understanding as, due to the closure of many primary schools this week, many of our staff will be balancing lesson planning and online delivery with their own childcare. We also have a number of staff that are self-isolating due to Covid-19 symptoms and this may impact the provision of blended learning resources.

For pupils to engage in live video conference lessons we require parents/carers and pupils to complete the online safeguarding agreement. Most pupils and KS4 parents have already completed these.

To ensure that we are able to offer the full range of blended learning in the event of future Covid-19 restrictions, we ask that all KS3 parents, and those at KS4 that have not yet done so, complete the online agreement below.

Parent link -

Pupil Link -

We are committed to ensuring continuity of learning for all pupils at Corpus Christi Catholic High School and we believe this model will reduce the disruption to pupils learning. We appreciate that some pupils find this mode of learning challenging and staff have been asked to reduce content compared to an in-school lesson, to reduce the possibility of excessive workload. Further information regarding supporting home learning can be found here.

If pupils are experiencing any issues with work they should email their class teacher or use the post function on TEAMs. For any issues with general connectivity access or if technical support is required, please contact

We are confident that your child will feel well equipped to work independently at home whilst being supported by their teachers. Corpus Christi learners have developed new skills and increased resilience throughout this new term and we are very proud of them.

We wish you and your families a happy and holy Christmas and hope you take this opportunity to rest and relax.

Stay safe and take care



P Brunnock