Parent Update

Posted on: July 9th 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

In light of today’s Ministerial announcement, I want to offer further some clarification and reassurance, as I’m sure you will have many questions.

Many of our learners have been anxious about a loss of learning and not being able to see their friends. I therefore welcome the Education Minister’s plan announced earlier today, which will enable us to prepare for the safe reopening of our school in September. I want to share as much information as I can with you, regarding the arrangements that we will need to put in place in readiness for September.

Welsh Government and the Local Authority have suggested a variety of models linked to how we plan and prepare for the start of the new academic year. We have been asked to review risk assessments, processes and associated systems to ensure that we can safely welcome back all pupils and staff to Corpus Christi. Currently we are awaiting the publication of operational and learning guidance to support schools during this transition.

Our priority is getting back to some sense of normality, within the restrictions that the ongoing pandemic places on us to keep everyone safe. This includes mitigating against learning loss, in particular for those most disadvantaged.

Welsh Government guidance will be issued early next week and it is expected that as the situation evolves, the guidance will be continuously updated.

Issues such as school transport, catering and cleaning will be worked through in detail over the next few weeks and further guidance in this regard will be provided. It is my understanding that the resumption of schooling will mean that the Childcare Hub provision for key workers will come to an end on July 17th.

I welcome the Minister’s recent announcement relating to the £29m of additional funding to assist with the recovery phase and further details regarding this fund will be issued over the next few days. Given the current extraordinary circumstances, Nick Batchelar (Director of Education and Lifelong Learning) has stated, “I am acutely aware that many hard working staff in schools, learners and their families may well be under additional emotional, financial and psychological pressure. The Local Authority will continue to work closely with you to ensure the best support package is offered to ensure the ongoing wellbeing needs of all learners and individuals are met at this time”. I have been assured that supportive information will also be provided through the Local Authority website and various social media channels. I hope this information is of assistance to you and I would like to thank you, parents & carers, for your continued cooperation over these difficult few months.

‘To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often’

John Henry Newman

God bless



Patrick Brunnock