Update: Arrangements for GCSE Assessments (Summer 2021)

Posted on: January 22nd 2021

Dear Year 11 Learners,

Following Qualifications Wales recent announcement, we now have more information to share with you about how grades will be decided? If you are taking GCSEs this summer (2021), your teachers will decide your grade. There will be no external assessment or exams. Your grades will be determined by your teachers, based on a range of assessment information. This could include assessments you have completed during the course, including coursework. The adapted assessment materials provided by WJEC may also be used to help determine your grade. We will be able to consider how much course content you have covered when deciding what assessment information to use. This is so you won’t be assessed on anything you haven’t covered. WJEC will be advising schools and will check that the way we intend to determine your grades is suitable. To allow as much time as possible for more learning to take place, your grades won’t be determined until the summer term. Continuing to work hard over the forthcoming months will therefore be extremely important.

Unfortunately, Qualifications Wales’ announcement did not include vocational qualifications. They are working with the awarding bodies offering Wales-only vocational qualifications on the way forward. They will continue to work with England and Northern Ireland to decide on the arrangements for qualifications offered across the UK. Ofqual are currently consulting on proposals about the qualifications offered across the UK until 29 January. As soon as any updates are made available, these will be forwarded to you.

You will receive your GCSE grades in August. If you wish to challenge your grade, you will be able to make an appeal to the school via myself and Mrs Hellerman, our Examinations Officer. If you are not satisfied with the outcome and want to challenge the process used in school, then you will be able to appeal to WJEC.

I totally understand that such uncertainty over your qualifications this year may have caused you some stress and anxiety.  If you’re at all worried about what this latest update means for you, it is important you speak with your teachers. I will also endeavour to provide you with more information as soon as more details become available.

If you’re feeling worried or low and want to talk to someone about your feelings, there are some organisations that can help. You could get in touch with:

Meic Cymru - 080880 23456

 Childline - 0800 1111

For more info, advice and support during the pandemic you can also go to

pandemic you can also go to

Best wishes,

Mrs Bussell