Examination Day Procedures

Posted on: October 23rd 2020


· Candidates should arrive at school by 8.30am on the day of the examination and go to Room 172 for registration and pre-examination support.

· Pupils must bring the following equipment for use in the examination:

Two black pens

Two sharp HB pencils

30cm ruler

Pencil eraser

Protractor (half or full)

Pair of compasses

Scientific calculator (5th November only)

Tracing paper will be provided, but not necessarily required for each examination.

Please note, no equipment can be issued to students before and during the examinations due to health and safety guidelines.

· During registration, candidates will be informed of the socially distanced seating plan for the examination. This will be held in the school hall.

· At 9.00am candidates will be escorted to the school hall and will be met by Mrs Pratali, Mrs Hellerman and the invigilation team. All invigilators will maintain social distancing and will wear appropriate PPE for the duration of the examinations.

· Candidates will not be permitted to leave the examination room until the designated finishing time. On completion of the examination, students will be required to leave the building via the external school hall exit and must vacate the school site promptly.

· Parents will not be permitted to drive onto the school site to collect the candidates.

· A full risk assessment has been carried out by Mrs C Willis (responsible for Health and Safety) to ensure compliance with all Welsh Assembly Health and Safety Guidance.

Alternative arrangements will be made for the Mathematics examinations on Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th November. This information will be available from the school website from Friday 6th November.