Yr10 issuing of GCSE English Literature Results (Amended)

Posted on: July 20th 2020

Dear Parents/Carers of Year 10 learners,

GCSE results will be published to pupils on Thursday 20th August 2020. Due to your child’s delayed return to school in September, the amended arrangements for the safe collection of their English Literature result are as follows:

• Pupils can collect their results from the main hall of the school from 12midday – 1:00pm on results day.

• Pupils must enter the school via the main entrance. A one-way system will be in place and teaching staff will be present to assist Year 10 learners as they arrive, collect their results and depart.

• No cars will be permitted on site during this time.

• Pupils must vacate the building and the school premises as soon as their results have been collected.

• Whilst on site pupils must adhere to social distancing guidelines.

• To maintain social distancing, all queries following the collection of results must be emailed to

• If your child is unable to collect their result, a family member must bring a letter of permission, signed by your child, and will then be able to collect the results on their behalf. This family member must also bring a form of identification. 

• If results cannot be collected at all, a request for results to be emailed can be sent to our Examinations Officer, Melanie Hellerman, at the email address given above. Please note that results will not be emailed until after 1:30pm on results day.

• Any results that have not been collected on 20th August will be stored securely in school and will be issued to students when they return to school in September.


Given the unusual circumstances leading up to the issuing of GCSE grades this summer, further information on the processes that have taken place by schools and WJEC, and the results of the public consultation survey can be found on the Qualifications Wales website at


Kind regards,

Geraldine Bussell