Return to school - January 2022

Posted on: January 4th 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,

We very much look forward to welcoming our pupils back in school on Thursday, 6th January 2022.

Following updated advice from Cardiff Council on school operations in the light of recent Covid-19 developments, we have reviewed our contingency plans. Below is a brief summary of the control measures that will be in place.

Staffing capacity

This has been identified as a key issue for schools and we have been required to have plans for operation at various levels of staff absence. We have set these as follows:

- 15% teaching staff absence – 1 year group move to remote learning

- 20% teaching staff absence – 2-year groups move to remote learning

- 30% teaching staff absence – 3-year groups move to remote learning

In the event of a year closure, we will endeavour to inform parents in a timely manner. However, this may not always be possible if there is an unusually high level of unplanned staff absence on any particular day. In this instance, parents may be asked to come and collect their children as soon as possible. We promise to do all we can to avoid this ‘last minute’ scenario.

Lateral Flow Testing

Staff and secondary aged learners are strongly encouraged to undertake an LFT before they attend school on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday and record their results. All test results should be reported via the school website or using this link.

LFT kits will be provided to pupils on a regular basis. To keep the school open and functioning as normally as possible, testing and reporting is critical. At this time of high incidence of Covid-19, your cooperation will enable us to keep our pupils and staff safe.

Face coverings

Face coverings (masks) are required to be worn in all areas inside the school, including classrooms during lessons, unless you have informed the school of your child’s exemption. It is your responsibility to ensure your child comes to school each day with a suitable face covering. The school only has a limited supply.

Classroom environment

Due to the requirement for adequate ventilation, your child may wear a black school coat during lessons. It is also recommended that your child wears additional base layers beneath their school uniform on colder days.

Extra-curricular provision

All extra-curricular activities will continue as normal, providing staff availability.


School buses will currently run as normal, and the wearing of masks remains mandatory whilst on board.

Summer examinations 2022

Examinations are expected to go ahead as planned this year. At present, no further updates have been provided from Qualifications Wales or the WJEC. As soon as any further information or guidance has been received, we will inform you.

Hub provision

In the event of either a whole school closure or a partial year group closure the school will provide provision for families of critical workers and vulnerable pupils. Pupils that are eligible for this provision must be registered with the school prior to any closure.

To register please read the following information and then contact the school office on 02920 761893, if you believe you are eligible for a place. Places are limited and will be allocated on a need’s basis. A critical/keyworker is defined by at least one parent working in the following sectors: NHS, Police, Ambulance, Social Care, Education.

Vulnerable learners are defined as:

· learners with significant special educational needs (SEN)

· learners who are statemented

· learners from minority ethnic groups who have English as an additional language (EAL)

· care-experienced children, including looked after children

· learners educated other than at school (EOTAS)

· children of refugees and asylum seekers

· Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children

· learners eligible for free school meals (eFSM)

· young carers

· Any pupils or families currently working with Children’s Services with assigned social workers or any equivalent.

Pupils in receipt of free school meals

If your child is currently in receipt of free school meals and does not take up the Hub provision as outlined above, they will be contacted by the school on the day of partial year group closure for arrangements to be made to receive food. This does not apply to a whole school closure, in this event there will be further communication.

Provision of work

In the event of a whole school or partial year group closure work will be set on TEAMs. This will include a variety of delivery methods, including asynchronous work, set assignments and live teaching (video conference lesson). For the first day of closure pupils will receive asynchronous resources or assignments, for successive days of closure pupils will receive a minimum of 1:3 live lessons per subject area, in addition to live registration. Classcharts will be used to communicate the completion of work and attendance at live lessons.

Most pupils who required a loan of a Chromebook for home learning are likely to have already received one. However, if your child requires a device can you please contact the school office for arrangements to be made.

Pupils guide to online learning expectations

It is the school’s expectation that all pupils engaging in blended online learning follow these guidelines carefully. This will help ensure that all staff and young people remain safe online and will help ensure that everyone is able to get the most out of the online learning experience. All parents/carers must provide consent for pupils to engage in live lessons, almost all parents/carers have already completed this. However, if you have not, please click here.

Please see the summary for pupil expectations in live lessons below:


· Make sure that you access the online lesson at the correct time

· Access the lesson by clicking on the link on the appropriate TEAMs invite

· Ensure that you and anyone else in the house is dressed appropriately

· Ensure that everyone in the house is aware that you are engaging in a live online lesson

· Make sure that you are in an appropriate room in the house and that there is nothing personal or inappropriate in the camera view

· Make sure that your device is charged

· Make sure that you have all equipment such as pens or paper, or that your planner is open

· Follow instructions at the start of the session regarding turning off your camera and microphone

· Always follow the school’s behaviour expectations

· Leave the lesson when directed to by the teacher

· Engage in any follow up activities you are directed to

· Follow the safeguarding guidelines as expressed in the pupil/parent’s agreement and ensure you are clear of the expectations for safe online learning


· Turn on your microphone unless you are asked to

· Turn on your camera unless you are asked to

· Turn on your camera if you are uncomfortable doing so

· Write on the chat unless you are asked to

· Make any recording or take any photos during the lesson

· Ask your teacher for follow up sessions with a smaller group or individually


Individual pupils that are self-isolating due to a positive Covid test can access work through TEAMs, provided they are well enough to do so. In such instances it is the pupil’s responsibility to locate work or communicate with their teachers. Classcharts will not be used in this instance to set or record the completion of classwork. We will endeavour to put this in place, although Local Authority guidance currently states that there is no expectation for schools to provide work for individual pupils absent from school.

All these plans have been put in place to ensure that your child’s learning experience at Corpus Christi Catholic High School remains as normal and enjoyable as possible in the current circumstances. Rest assured, that we will be as pro-active as possible in ensuring high levels of safety for your child, family and the whole of our community as we move forward.


Best wishes for 2022

Patrick Brunnock