Wearing of Face Masks

Posted on: November 30th 2021

Letter from the Headteacher about the wearing of Face Masks

Dear Parent/Carer/Pupil

May I start by thanking all of our pupils for coming back to school this term in such a positive and mature manner. It has been really fantastic to see the pupils working hard and, as always, they have risen to the challenges that the new term has brought. Equally, they have responded really well to the constantly changing systems that we are having to put in place here at Corpus Christi Catholic High School.

As part of our Covid control measures, pupils at Corpus Christi already wear face coverings in communal areas.  Following today’s announcement from the Minister for Education (see below), we need to strengthen our approach.

We will therefore be making the following changes regarding face coverings in school from tomorrow (Wednesday 1st December)

  • Pupils should be wearing a face covering when they arrive at school and enter the school buildings
  • Pupils should wear a face covering in school when they are moving between lessons and when they are in their classrooms.
  • Throughout the course of the day pupils will be asked to keep their face coverings on until they have reached an outside social space.
  • The bus companies have also emphasised that on all routes pupils should wear a face covering (this is already compulsory in Wales).
  • All Corpus Christi pupils were provided with LFT testing kits today and tomorrow to support the ongoing monitoring process. These LFT tests should be taken on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and results reported to the school and Public Health Wales

Could all parents whose children are exempt from wearing face masks please ensure that Mrs Dooley has the relevant evidence by emailing  We have continued to maintain control measures such as a one-way system, separate recreational spaces, toilets and controlled canteen access. However, we are unable to stop the crossing of year groups at certain points of the day and the wearing of face masks will add a layer of necessary protection to keep pupils and staff as safe as possible as we continue our preparations for Christmas during the season of Advent.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Kind regards


Patrick Brunnock                                                                                                             30 November 2021