Parent Update

Posted on: May 28th 2021

Dear Parents & Carers

As we approach the end of this half term, we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support through what has been a challenging period.

Throughout the last six weeks, our pupils have had the opportunity to reacclimatise to face-to-face teaching and receive wellbeing support. Over the next half-term, as we continue to support the wellbeing of all pupils, we will further clarify the ‘Culture of Learning’ at Corpus Christi Catholic High School. Our whole school approach will include reaffirming our expectations of pupils’ conduct and reintroducing some of the routines and procedures that have been affected by our collective experiences over the last five months.

Behavioural Expectations

To support this process, lunchtime and afterschool detentions (C4 and C5) will return to our Behaviour policy, in line with our COVID risk assessment.

If you could support us by reminding pupils:

· The use of mobile devices is not allowed in any areas of the school site unless explicitly directed by teaching staff.

· School uniform MUST conform to the standards outlined on the school’s website.

Specialist Classrooms

Pupils in KS3 will have the opportunity to return to specialist classrooms for some practical subjects, as we look to safely begin the process of moving pupils around the school. This will be a phased process and will remain under constant review.

· Year 7 Pupils will begin this process from Monday 7/6/21

· Year 8 Pupils will begin this process from Monday 14/6/21

· Year 9 Pupils will begin this process from Monday 21/6/21

To maintain COVID H&S protocol we will adhere to the following:

· Staff will collect pupils from their bubbles and walk them to their subject areas using the one-way system.

· Pupils will be reminded this has to be done in a controlled manner and that masks must be worn at all times.

· At the start of each lesson, pupils will continue to wipe down surfaces and seats.

· Staff will return pupils to their bubbles, following the one-way system. Classes will return before the end of the lesson and before break/lunch times (e.g., Year 7 at 11am).

The key skill focus for the half term will be extended writing and the calculation and use of averages. Departments will engage in activities to model and develop these skills in context, as appropriate, as we look to consolidate and develop basic skills across the school.

New Main Entrance

We are delighted to inform you that work will be starting on a new main entrance for the school after half term.

For a short period at the start of the project, access via the main entrance of the school will not be possible. We have therefore made arrangements which include staggered dismissal and revised one-way routes. Year 8 pupils will enter their classrooms through the rear doors of Pavilion 2 and Year 10 will enter via the rear of Pavilion 4.

As you would expect, staff will be on hand to direct pupils and ensure they become familiar with their route.

We are immensely proud of the way in which your children have risen to the challenges of the last fourteen months. They have returned to school as resilient and engaged young people who have impressed us with their positive attitude to learning. In a recent Estyn visit, the inspection team were very complimentary about all aspects of the way in which the children presented themselves and the trust that they place in their teachers who guide and support them.

Have a restful, peaceful half term.


Patrick Brunnock

Headteacher 28 May 2021