Parent Update

Posted on: March 26th 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

I would like to thank you all so much for the support you have given the school this term. This has been an extremely challenging year for us all. Moving towards the end of term is always a good time to reflect on how things have been, but this is probably even more the case in our current pandemic context. The Welsh Government has now confirmed in writing to schools that there will be a full school reopening for all secondary pupils after the Easter break. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all year groups back to school following a successful two weeks of partial opening.

All staff here at Corpus Christi have been working tirelessly to provide a consistent education for our children which provides a level of normality. However, we also understand the reality is not yet ‘normal’ and our school, like others, remains a significant part of the community which has to be managed carefully to keep hundreds of people safe.

We expect all pupils to return to Corpus Christi on Monday 12th April. The school day will run as before the Christmas break, starting at 8.55am (Registration) and finishing at 3.25pm. School transport will run as in the autumn term.

Information regarding return to school following Easter Break

Monday 12th April 2021 All Year Groups return

Registration on arrival

Normal morning registration will continue to start at 8.55am, therefore it is very important that your child arrives in good time and is ready to move to their Registration room for a prompt start to the day. There will also be an additional registration period in the afternoon from 2.15pm till 2.25pm. This will allow pupils to touch base with their registration tutor to support health and well-being.

We return to our pre-Christmas arrangements:

Year   Teaching Area                       Recreation               Toilets

7        Pav 3 Lower (Maths)             Y7 Yard                    Opposite staff room

8        Pav 2 Lower (MFL)               Tennis Court             Nr Enquiries

9        Pav 1 Upper (Humanities)    Redgra Left               Nr Chaplain Office

10      Pav 2 Upper + Art + some Pav 4    Upper/DT        Redgra Right Opposite Library

11      Pav 3 Upper + some Pav 4 Upper/ DT + 02           Front School Opposite Library


In order to maintain as safe an environment as possible we will continue to ‘bubble’ our year groups for learning and breaks, with separate entrances and exits still being used.

· Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 will continue to remain in the same classroom bubbles within their year group for the duration of the school day. This will allow us continue to minimise contact with other pupils from different year groups.

· Pupils in Years 10 & 11 will remain in year group bubbles to ensure that lessons are delivered by subject specialists. At break time and lunchtime pupils will also remain in their bubbles in allocated outside areas.


You will be aware that we were very flexible in our approach to our dress code at the end of this term; we would expect that, as of 12th April, pupils will return to school in their full Corpus Christi Catholic High School uniform, details of which are available on our school website through accessing the following link - YC Sports is running an online ‘click-and-collect’ service, and so all uniform can still be purchased over the Easter break. At this point I would also like to remind you that hoodies are not part of our school uniform and mobile phones are not permitted in the school.


The school canteen will be operating from the 12th April. We will continue to follow previous timings related to specific year groups accessing the canteen for break and lunch. Pupils must remember to bring their own water or drinks. Pupils in receipt of Free School Meals will again be able to use the canteen to get their food.


· If your child is unwell or displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), we would politely request that they remain at home for the specified number of days. Further details surrounding this will be provided by Public Health Wales.

· Years 10 and 11 will continue with the Lateral Flow Testing arrangements (see below) following training over this recent two week period. Testing will now continue in the home environment.

· If your child is feeling particularly anxious about their return to school and you would like some support or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide as much reassurance as possible (207061893 /

A reminder of COVID-related control measures in school

· 2 meter social distancing, from staff and pupils

· Hand hygiene

· Type IIR fluid-resistant masks for staff; 2 per day

· Pupils and staff to wear a mask in communal areas and in the classroom environment

· Wipe down any shared equipment before use

· Ventilation is key: classroom door + at least 1 window open to create air flow;

   ventilate more at break/lunch

· KS4 pupils to wipe down desk/chair at start of each lesson

In order to provide additional protection, pupils and staff are now expected to wear face coverings in classrooms and all areas of the school, unless medically exempt. Please ensure your child brings a face covering to school each day or contact us to inform us if your child is exempt from wearing one.

Lateral Flow Tests

Lateral Flow Tests should be undertaken twice weekly at home (Sunday and Wednesday evenings from the 11th April) by pupils in Years 10 & 11. Arrangements have been made for pupils to collect these from school at the allotted times. Results must be submitted on the government online portal and the school (see links on the school website, under the students tab). Please notify us immediately if your child receives a positive test result.

All pupils will resume a full teaching timetable to ensure all curriculum areas are delivered. We remain mindful of the positive impact of extra-curricular activities for our pupils and it is our intention to offer a range of opportunities over the coming weeks, whilst adhering to Welsh Government guidelines. We look forward to high levels of effort, behaviour and engagement from all our pupils when they are on site. We all have to consider each other’s safety and wellbeing at this time; our extremely high expectations of cooperation, manners and conduct will be maintained throughout this period in school.

Assessment arrangements – Summer 2021 (Year 11 only)

Following Mrs Bussell’s ParentMail earlier this week, it is crucial that Year 11 learners utilise the two week school holiday to revise the course elements that will be assessed during lessons from the 19th April. Pupils will have been made aware of the main topics to focus on and will have been given revision materials to support their independent study. We are really pleased with how our students have responded to Qualifications Wales’ decisions regarding assessments this summer. Their calm and mature attitude to learning will most certainly pay off over the forthcoming weeks.

In order to observe Health and Safety guidelines, an appointment system will continue should a parent wish to speak with a member of staff. We politely remind you that parents will not be allowed access to the school site without a prior appointment.

All above information is subject to public health conditions remaining favourable and in line with Welsh Government guidelines. We will update you of any changes that may be necessary.

Should you have any concerns with the information provided in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact the school. You know that we are here to support you all.

After a very challenging spring term for everyone, our hope is that families can have an Easter which is safe and enjoyable, even if this is different to what would normally happen. On behalf of the Governors and staff, I would like to wish you all a Happy and Holy Easter and we look forward to seeing you all on the 12th April.


Patrick Brunnock