Parent / Carer Guide

This Parent / Carer Guide is designed to help answer the many questions you may have about your child’s new school.

As the move to secondary school draws near, this is an exciting, but sometimes worrying time for your child. As such, we will do all we can to make sure that transition is as reassuring and enjoyable as possible.  We also hope that this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship between you, the school and our local parishes.  It is only by working together that the best can be achieved for your child throughout the next crucial five years.  If you have any concerns during the time that your child is at Corpus Christi Catholic High School you should not hesitate to contact the appropriate member of staff.

Corpus Christi aims to provide the best academic and vocational education possible and also to nurture children in their faith so that they live out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Our commitment to Christian values also means that we aim to develop the 'whole child'.  In other words we acknowledge that education is not just a means of achieving recognition in public examinations but is also an opportunity for spiritual, moral, personal, social, physical and cultural growth.

These are high aims indeed but be assured that, with your support, we will do our utmost to make your child’s time in Corpus Christi Catholic High School a successful and enjoyable experience.

The Autumn Term begins for pupils at 8.55am on Wednesday 7th September 2022.

The School Day

8.55am - 9.10am Assembly / Registration
9.10am - 10.10am Period 1
10.10am - 11.10am Period 2
11.10am - 11.30am Break
11.30am - 12.30pm Period 3
12.30pm - 1.30pm Period 4
1.30pm - 2.15pm Lunch
2.15pm - 2.25pm Afternoon Registration
2.25pm - 3.25pm Period 5


INSET DAYS - Monday 5th & Tuesday 6th September 2022 



The Parents and Friends Association performs two invaluable functions: it raises much needed funds for the benefit of the children and it arranges social occasions which are not only enjoyable but also effective in forging relationships between parents and staff.  All are very welcome to join in PFA activities. Please contact Mrs Barbara Mullins should you require further information at

Parents' visits to the school

We would ask that you telephone the school to arrange an appointment prior to an unannounced arrival to avoid a wasted journey.  The member of staff you wish to see could easily be unavoidably engaged or off site at a meeting or training session.  Your first point of contact is always your child’s Registration Teacher.

School Policies

School policies are reviewed and approved by the Governing Body of Corpus Christi.  These are available on the school website.

The Organisation of classes

On entering, pupils are placed into a form of approximately 32 pupils. Year 7 will consist of eight classes :

  • A smaller class for children identified as having appropriate additional educational needs.
  • A group of seven classes comprising children of mixed academic ability.

Pupils will be placed into one of these two groupings mainly according to their National Curriculum levels at KS2.  All pupils will receive the same curriculum. 

Your child's first point of contact is their Form Tutor who, in regular scheduled periods, will be able to help and advise as necessary.  Any cases of special difficulty are referred by the Form Tutor to the Head of Year and Phase Leaders, who work closely with the Senior Leadership Team.  The Head of Year’s concern is with the well-being of pupils within the year group; he or she keeps also a watching brief over pupils' academic and social progress.

The School Counsellors

We have fully trained Counsellors at Corpus Christi. They are not members of the teaching staff and are available to counsel and support pupils independently and individually.  From time to time, pupils may find it easier to share their worries with someone who is not directly connected with home or school.  They may ask to see the counsellor or they could be referred by their Head of Year.  We hope that parents would let us know of any personal problem a child may have so that any potentially stressful situation can be dealt with appropriately.

The Pastoral Care System

Mr Dan Harris - Assistant Headteacher

Mr James Roberts - Phase Leader KS4

Mr Trevor McKeever - Phase Leader KS3

Mr Gerard Kelly - Head of Year 7

Mrs Natalie Kenvyn - Assistant Head of Year 7


School Buses

The local Education Authority has already been informed that your child will be attending this school.  Seats on dedicated school transport are allocated by the Education Authority, not the school, and you will be contacted by them regarding bus routes and bus passes if your child is eligible.  Please note that bus passes must be carried at all times and the bus driver has the right to refuse entry onto the bus to anyone who is not carrying their pass.  If your child loses their pass, they must inform the school office who will issue a temporary pass to enable the pupil to travel on the bus home. Parents should contact School Transport on 02920 872808 to arrange a new pass.  Pupils are expected to behave themselves properly whilst travelling to or from school and any misbehaviour will be regarded as a serious breach of school discipline and dealt with accordingly.  Pupils who misbehave may be banned from using the school buses.

Active Travel

Corpus Christi has an Active Travel Plan and we encourage pupils to walk or cycle to school where this is possible. We have a secure lockable bike shed for the safekeeping of bikes. Pupils who travel to school by public bus are encouraged to alight a couple of stops early and walk the remainder of their journey.

Car Travel and Traffic Management

Parents who bring pupils to school by car in the mornings are NOT permitted to drive on to the school premises. We encourage parents to drop their children safely, ideally within a short walking distance of the school to encourage active travel. It is vital to avoid congestion in the area around the school gates. Parents should respect parking regulations at all times and should not stop on zig-zag markings or double yellow lines. Please show respect for local residents and do not block driveways or park on verges.

Pupils who ride their bikes to school MUST wear a helmet. Pupils who do not adhere to the wearing of helmets will not be allowed to bring their bike onto the school site. 

Mobile Phones / Personal Devices

Unless permitted by a teacher, the use of mobile phones is prohibited in school.

If pupils need to telephone home, they can speak to a member of staff in the Enquiries Office who will assist them.

Any pupil found using a mobile phone or other equipment without permission will have it confiscated as follows : 

  • On the first occasion this will trigger Stage 1  -  confiscated for 1 day
  • On the second occasion this will trigger Stage 2  - confiscated for 3 days
  • On the third occasion this will trigger Stage 3  - confiscated for one week

If pupils have their bus pass on their mobile phone which has been confiscated for 3 or more days, they will be able to borrow their bus fare home from the Bursar but this will need to be repaid before they can take repossession of their phone.

Pupils are allowed to ask at the Enquiries Office to contact their parents, if necessary, and parents may leave messages for their child which will be passed onto them.


At Corpus Christi we aspire to 100% attendance for all our pupils.  Obviously, if children are not in school, they cannot fulfil their educational potential. Again, good attendance can only be achieved through a partnership between parents and teachers.

If your child is likely, for whatever reason, to miss one or more days of schooling, parents are asked to notify the school via the Report Absence link on the school website, by telephone (02920 761893 Option 1), or by email

All pupil absences should reported before 9.00am on the first day and subsequent days of non attendance.



Homework plays an important part in education.  However, as parents you may perhaps feel that there is little you can do to help with your child’s homework.  In fact, there are quite a few ways in which you could help including encouraging and supporting your children; if at all possible, enabling them to work in a quiet atmosphere; checking that their work is presented accurately; monitoring handwriting and spelling; testing what has been set to be learnt; listening to them reading what they have written; and asking them to explain to you what they have been studying or doing in school.

All pupils have a school diary and access to Classcharts. Parents also have access to Classcharts and we would encourage you to access Classcharts on a daily basis to monitor your child's behaviour, attitude to learning and homework.

The school library is open at the end of the school day from 3.25 pm to 4.25 pm when the Librarian, Mrs Dooley, is available to help pupils.  Pupils are very welcome to use the centre to complete homework, engage in research, access computer resources or just read in comfortable surroundings.

School Security

The school has a security gate which controls access onto the school grounds. The front entrance to the school, newly built in 2021, provides controlled access to the school building. Visitors are required to report to the Main Reception and sign in, before being granted access to the building.

The school has specific procedures for visitors so that any parents or guardians visiting the school are asked to report initially to Reception to sign in.  Their names and photograph are recorded on the MyInventry system and they are issued with a visitors badge.  They also have to report to, and sign out, at Main Reception when they leave the building.

New locks have been fitted to all external doors which ensures that no person from outside may enter other than through the main reception doors. 

Security shutters have been installed in vulnerable areas of the building and the school benefits from CCTV cameras and night-time security lighting.  During recent years, the school has also managed to improve further the strength and effectiveness of school fencing on strategic parts of the school site.


School Facilities for meals


School Uniform / PE Kit


Physical Education

PE lessons are an extremely important element of the school curriculum because of the impact that they have on health and wellbeing.  In addition, Corpus Christi enjoys a highly successful record with regard to representation in city, county and national finals of various sports.


In order for children to benefit from the PE expertise and facilities in the school, we ask for parents' cooperation in the following practical points.

  1. PE/Games clothing has been kept as simple as possible for the benefit of all concerned. PE Kit is required to avoid wear and tear on school uniform.
  2. When pupils are involved in extra-curricular activities the department will try to ensure that all necessary information such as the date of the activities, the venue, arrangements for transport, the start and finish times are made available for the pupil well in advance of the event.  We ask parents to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for pupils to return home afterwards.  Follow the PE Department on Twitter @CCHSGirlsPE or @CCHSBoysPE for up-to-date information.
  3. The wearing of jewellery is not permitted.  This is to avoid possible injury to pupils.  No responsibility can be accepted by the school for any items lost during these lessons, whether or not the items have been deposited with the teacher in charge.  All hair must be tied back with a suitable band.
  4. Permission for a pupil not to take part temporarily in PE/Games will be given only on medical grounds, when a letter to that effect is received from parents.  For a prolonged withdrawal from these lessons a doctor's certificate is required.  We ask that pupils still change into PE kit, so they can carry out a support role and uniform is protected from the weather.