COVID-19 Update

Posted on: October 14th 2020

UPDATE: (15.10.20)

Thank you for your continued support as we work together at a critical time in this COVID pandemic. 

Following yesterday's positive case in Year 11 and our communications with you, we would like to clarify two points that have been raised by parents :

1.  It is only Year 11 pupils who are required to self-isolate and they must follow the Public Health Wales instructions contained in yesterday's letter.  If they have a sibling in another year group, that sibling should still attend school.  We apologise for the confusion experienced by some families who received two separate letters, one for each child.

2.  The isolation period for Year 11 pupils includes 23 October.   Pupils are free to resume normal activities on the 24 October.  The reason for this is that the pupil who tested positive was in school on 9 October (but remained at home from 10th October onwards) and the 14 day isolation period is deemed to run from 10 October - 23 October inclusive.

We hope that this now clarifies the situation.  Please do not hesitate to ring the school if you have any further queries.

P Brunnock


We have been informed that a child in Year 11 has tested positive for COVID 19. As it currently stands the pupil is self-isolating and not in school today. In these circumstances, Public Health Wales and the Local Authority are guiding the school on the steps to be taken.

Year 11 pupils are contained in a bubble and we have been advised that they may remain at school until the end of the day. However, we understand that parents may be very anxious and would like to come and collect their child. If so, we ask you to ring the school (029 20761893) and give your child's name and registration class. You will be able to collect your child between 2.15pm - 3.00pm. A member of staff will collect your child from their class and send them to the front gates as you will not be able to drive onto the school grounds due to the imminent arrival of the school buses. You may also give us permission for your child to walk home but this must authorised by you by telephoning the school.

If pupils catch the school bus, they will enter the bus 10 minutes early at the end of school wearing their masks and sit at the back in accordance with current guidelines.

We will shortly be sending you a formal advice from Public Health Wales with more information regarding the next steps.

P Brunnock