Physical Education Guide


The aims of the PE Department are to :

1.   To maintain and stimulate enjoyment in PE and promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles

2.   To enable pupils to be familiar with a body of knowledge, principles and vocabulary related to PE in particular

a)               To enable pupils to see PE as:          

  • a major feature in our lives related to leisure, employment and the culture of Wales          
  • part of a wider body of knowledge and skills such as interpersonal and problem solving skills.

b)               To enable pupils to understand

  • and use safe practice and to appreciate its importance in PE
  • the short and long term effects of exercise on the body
  • the role of exercise in a fit and healthy lifestyle.

3.   To  enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as politeness, perseverance, initiative and independence.  The establishment of pupil self esteem through the development of physical confidence is a major aim of the Department which also encourages pupils to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities.  PE also, therefore, contributes to the development of core skills such as oral communication and problem-solving.

4.   To  employ teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils (irrespective of gender, ethnic origin or academic ability,) to have equal access to PE and to experience success and enjoyment in their PE work.

5.   To  provide opportunities for pupils to represent the school in as many and varied sports as possible.

6.   To  encourage the gifted pupil to pursue his/her talents to the full.


Indoor             Gymnasium divided by a movable central partition

Outdoor         Hard surface areas:

Playground marked with 3 x netball/three tennis courts. 1 x dual purpose porous pitch, (hockey/6 tennis courts). 1 x artificial wicket. Long/triple jump pit.

Grass areas:

Winter:          2 x rugby pitches, 1 x football pitch

Summer:        1 x 200 metre athletics track, 2 x baseball diamonds

PE in the School

Since the school came into being in 1987, Corpus Christi has enjoyed a highly successful record with regard to representation in city, county and national finals of various sports.  Our pupils have also achieved individual success domestically and internationally in a multitude of activities ranging from rugby, athletics, netball, soccer, gymnastics and swimming, to triathlon, boxing, basketball and martial arts.

Some Practical Points

In order for children to benefit from the PE expertise and facilities in the school, we ask for parents' cooperation in the following practical points.

1. Permission for a pupil not to take part temporarily in PE/Games will be given only on medical grounds, when a letter to that effect is received from parents.  For a prolonged withdrawal from these lessons a doctor's certificate is required.

2. The wearing of jewellery is not permitted.  This is to avoid possible injury to pupils.  No responsibility can be accepted by the school for any items lost during these lessons, whether or not the items have been deposited with the teacher in charge.

3. PE/Games clothing has been kept as simple as possible for the benefit of all concerned.  However, separate clothing is required to avoid wear and tear on school uniform, to soak up perspiration and to avoid any adverse effects of inclement weather.  It is clearly essential that pupils can change back into clean, dry clothes including underwear, after their games or PE lessons.  It is also necessary for reasons of health and personal hygiene, that all pupils bring a towel with their kit for a shower after games.

4. When pupils are involved in extra-curricular activities the department will try to ensure that all necessary information such as the date of the activities, the venue, arrangements for transport, the start and finish times are made available for the pupil well in advance of the event.  We ask parents to ensure that suitable arrangements are made for pupils to return home afterwards.


5. PE Kit : requisition forms, on which parents may specify the relevant measurements of their child, are sent out to the partner Primary Schools and to individual families in advance of the Welcome Evening which is held in June each year.  These should be returned to the suppliers properly completed, and with the necessary payment for the kit.   All items of PE clothing will then be available in September.