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School Uniform 2019/20

17 July 2019 (by Mark Letman (admin))

Message from the Headteacher

At Corpus Christi we take great pride in the high standard of our uniform and feel that this makes a significant contribution to a positive attitude to learning in the classroom. Before the summer holidays begin, I wanted to clarify a few points with regards to school uniform.

However, during the summer term, we have become increasingly concerned with the length of girls’ skirts and would, therefore, like to remind you that for Years 8-11, skirts should be;

· Black, 'A' line or pleated

· No longer than mid-calf and no shorter than just above the knee

· No tight skirts and no adornments.

We would also like to remind parents and carers that no make-up, false nails or nail varnish is allowed and for boys; no facial hair is permitted. Boys must be clean shaven.

Finally, shoes must be black and formal. No boots or trainers are allowed. Girls’ shoes should be low-healed.

We know that we can rely on your full cooperation in ensuring that your son/daughter is dressed appropriately in September. As you can appreciate, we will be contacting parents and carers immediately if pupils attend school wearing incorrect uniform.

Kind regards



For your information:

· Please refer to the Uniform Policy on the school website if further clarification is required.

· We have introduced a compulsory school skirt for girls in Year 7 from September onwards. All Year 7 girls will now be expected to purchase a pleated skirt from YC Sports that has our school badge embroidered on it. Please do not purchase any other skirt from other outlets as these will not be acceptable.