Parent Update

Posted on: February 1st 2021

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

We know how challenging remote education is for families and how disappointed many pupils are that they aren’t able to attend school in person at the moment. As you know, Cardiff’s schools have worked hard during the autumn term to keep the disruption to our children’s education to an absolute minimum. While it was far from a normal autumn term in any school, we were proud with the way schools in the Archdiocese remained open in the face of growing cases in the city before the Christmas break.

Corpus Christi has been committed to improving outcomes for your children and nobody is more disappointed than our school staff that most pupils are not currently able to attend. However, the seriousness of the pandemic means that unfortunately most pupils do need to be at home at this moment in time.


I am sure you are all aware of the announcement from the Minister about qualifications for this summer. I think this is a sensible approach, and one we have in fact been expecting from the outset. This is why we have encouraged Year 11 to engage with all the tasks they are being set, and it is important this continues over the weeks and months to come.

Distance Learning - Feedback

As I explained in previous updates, we welcome feedback from all stakeholders. This feedback helps us to get a feel for how things are going for all pupils. We are really pleased that most of you are happy with the support we are providing. We are so grateful for the very kind words so many of you have spoken in praise of our provision.

Of course, some people have shared concerns with us, and we welcome that. These can be difficult to manage, because, quite understandably, they are often contradictory, and if we changed things based on one or two comments, we would find we have upset someone else. One person will say there is too much work, another will say there is too little. One will say they prefer a synchronous approach, another that they need flexibility for their child to access lessons at different times. This is to be expected, but one thing we are committed to doing at Corpus Christi is being adaptable, listening to your views and making changes when they are needed. May I take this opportunity to remind you, however, that we are unable to respond to comments on social media or to any messages from an unverified email account for safeguarding and data protection reasons.

We still have a limited number of digital devices available for students who are struggling to access the online curriculum and distance learning, please contact us if you require further support.


As you are aware, at Corpus Christi Catholic High School we prioritise supporting wellbeing above all else and this approach has formed a central part of our planning during this difficult time and will continue to do so. We continue to have an extensive team of staff dedicated to supporting our school community who are on hand to provide guidance and assistance, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform your Form Tutor who will then make contact with the relevant member of staff.

The key message is that we are here to help. No-one should suffer in silence; if your child’s wellbeing is suffering, please make sure that someone at the school is made aware. The email addresses of the pastoral team are listed on the school website.

Throughout the school closure the pastoral and ALN teams have contacted many of our families and it has been good to hear that so many of you have remained positive while adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

As part of our ongoing review we are slightly changing the way we deliver the curriculum. Subjects will remain as timetabled as we want all our pupils to have a balanced and varied curriculum. Classcharts has been amended over the previous weeks, we are always prepared to correct any errors. Early in the term a number of pupils were given negative Classcharts points by mistake. This has since been rectified and we have adapted our system to avoid negative marks being given for non-submission of work. Although, we will still use the platform to continue to notify you of engagement with distance learning.


The option process has been slightly delayed this year as we have carefully considered what would most benefit our pupils in light of the current pandemic. However, to afford pupils the time to make the correct decisions, we have moved the deadline back considerably for the final option choices to be made. Mr Harris (AHT) has updated the school website with information on the ‘Options processes’ for Year 9. You can visit this information via the following link which will take you to our school website.

Parents’ Evenings

We are working hard to be in a position to offer you the opportunity to meet, face to face, with your child’s subject teachers. In the current climate, of course, this is not possible. In the meantime, we are exploring a range of virtual alternatives and will update you on developments shortly.

INSET Day – Friday 12th February

Finally, we already have a staff training day arranged for Friday 12th February. This date falls just before half term. There will be no in-school provision or remote learning on this day, as there will be Year 11 Parent consultations taking place throughout the course of the day.

Thank you for all you are doing. We hope that in these challenging times you can take some comfort in the support of others and can begin to look forward to the remainder of the year with hope and positivity.


Patrick Brunnock

Head Teacher / Prifathro