Parent Update

Posted on: August 20th 2020

Dear Parents & Carers,

We hope that you and your families are both safe and well and that you have enjoyed the summer break.

As we mentioned in our last parent update, we are delighted with Welsh Government’s announcement on 9th July which stated that pupils across all age groups in Wales will be back in the classroom from September.

Below is the schedule for the first 2 weeks of this term at Corpus Christi Catholic High School, ALL pupils are expected in school from 14th September onwards.

Monday 31st August Bank Holiday

Tuesday 1st September Planning and Preparation Day (No Pupils)

Wednesday 2nd September Planning and Preparation Day (No Pupils)

Thursday 3rd September Year 7

Friday 4th September Year 7 & 11

Saturday 5th September

Sunday 6th September

Monday 7th September Year 7,10 & 11

Tuesday 8th September Year 7,9,10 & 11

Wednesday 9th September All Year Groups

Thursday 10th September All Year Groups

Friday 11th September All Year Groups

Over the summer, we have worked very hard to introduce Health & Safety measures which will mean changes across the school. Normal morning registration will continue to start at 8.55am. It is very important, therefore that your child arrives in good time and is ready to move to their tutor room for a prompt start to the day. There will also be an additional registration period in the afternoon from 2.15pm till 2.25pm, this will allow pupils to touch base with their registration tutor to support health & well-being. Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 will remain in the same classroom bubbles within their Year Group for the duration of the school day, this will allow us to minimise contact with other pupils from different year groups. Pupils in Years 10 & 11 (Option Groups) will remain in year group bubbles to ensure that lessons are delivered by subject specialists. At break time and lunchtime pupils will also remain in their bubbles in allocated outside areas. As aforementioned, canteens across the local authority will not be operating until at least the 14th September; all pupils will be required to bring a packed lunch until further notice.

We at Corpus Christi are anticipating that all pupils will return to school in September. If your child is unwell or displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), we would politely request that they remain at home for the specified number of days. Further details surrounding this will be provided by Public Health Wales.

If your child is feeling particularly anxious about their return to school and you would like some support or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to provide as much reassurance as possible (207061893 /

You will be aware that we were very flexible in our approach to our dress code at the end of last term; we would expect that, as of September, pupils will return to school in their full Corpus Christi Catholic High School uniform, details of which are available on our school website at the following link - In line with the guidance published by The Chief Medical Officer for Wales, the wearing of face masks remains optional at this stage.

You will be well aware of the fact that it will not be possible to share basic equipment such as pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers etc; may we politely remind you that your child will need to bring these in to school on a daily basis.

We are offering extended pastoral/wellbeing sessions for all year groups as they arrive on site, in addition we will be providing pupils with digital literacy, literacy and numeracy sessions. After which, all pupils will resume a full teaching timetable to ensure all curriculum areas are delivered. We remain mindful of the positive impact of extra-curricular activities for our pupils and it is our intention to offer a range of opportunities over the coming weeks, whilst adhering to Welsh Government guidelines.

In order to observe Health & Safety guidelines, an appointment system will continue should a parent wish to speak with a member of staff. We politely remind you that parents will not be allowed access to the school site.

Finally, I would like to thank you for all of your prayers and support throughout this difficult period and assure you that all staff are very much looking forward to seeing your child once again.

Yours faithfully


Patrick Brunnock