Parent Update

Posted on: January 18th 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to start by thanking many of you who have taken the time to communicate with the school/me/your child’s teachers to comment on how well the blended learning provision is continuing to engage and motivate your child throughout the latest lockdown period. We have continued to listen to both your views and those of our young people and as such, evaluated and refined this provision to ensure that all of our young people are best supported in both their learning and their wellbeing here at Corpus Christi.

  • Due to updated guidance from the LA and feedback from all stakeholders, we are making a few alterations in the way that we communicate completion of work. This will still occur via Classcharts, but negative marks will no longer be awarded for incompletion of work. The box in the parent app will appear red for work not submitted and green for submitted. This is solely to keep you informed; we understand the difficulties and challenges posed by home learning and therefore no sanctions will be issued. As a school, this information will allow us to notify parent via phone call or email where we have a concern.
  • Attendance in morning registration sessions will be recorded to allow us to monitor engagement over time and for us to follow up, if necessary. Again, we fully understand the difficulties of learning from home and no sanctions will be applied,it will allow us to notify parents where we have an academic or wellbeing concern.
  • In response to feedback can we clarify that work is set and live lessons scheduled on TEAMs. Pupils and parents can use the calendar view in TEAMs to see upcoming scheduled live lessons. Classcharts is used to record the submission of a piece of work and will not be used to notify of live lessons.
  • As mentioned above, we will continue to respond to the current situation and will continue to monitor and evaluate our processes. All procedures are under review, as we look to continue our progress in blended learning through these uncertain times.
  • If any pupils are running out of basic classroom resources, exercise books etc, please contact the school office and we can arrange for collection of these.
  • We will of course continue to provide critical on-site support to groups of learners who very much need our help and supervision.
  • As always, usual modes of communicating with the school are available to you; please contact either your child’s form tutor, Head of Year, Phase Leader or subject teacher in the first instance. More general queries can be directed to the school email address.
  • Year 9 parents will very soon be informed of the Options process for this year. We have had to adapt and change accordingly to provide the best experience for our pupils. There will very soon be a video and accompanying booklet to describe the procedures for this year.

You will note from this and previous correspondence that as a Leadership Team we have tried to ensure that our planning goes beyond the next couple of weeks to account for any eventuality; please be reassured that we will continue to monitor and evaluate all such provision to ensure that our young people continue to be cared for, supported and challenged in the best possible way.

Stay safe and God bless


Patrick Brunnock