Car parking outside school grounds

Posted on: March 6th 2020

Can I  please remind parents and carers to avoid picking up and dropping off on double yellow lines directly outside the school gates and the sections of road close to the school entrance.  We encourage parents to park responsibly and considerately in residential side streets and for pupils to walk in. If all parents follow this advice, there will be less traffic movements directly outside the schools gates making it safer for your child to get to school.  In recent weeks, both school staff and contractors working around the entrance area have been concerned about congestion.  The safety of your children is paramount and we ask you all to support us in this matter.

As part of our Active Travel Plan a new bike shed has been installed at the schoool which is locked securely during the day.  We hope some children will be encouraged to cycle to school, particularly as the weather improves.

Mr P Brunnock, Headteacher