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Yr11 Information Evening

12 February 2019 (by Mark Letman (admin))

Important Notice

This is an important reminder that the Year 11 Information session is being held next Monday 18 February 2019 @ 6.00pm for you and your son/daughter.  The purpose of this meeting is to update you on some key dates and important resources available to help and support your child with their revision.  Secondly, for staff to talk to the pupils about effective revision strategies and the importance of making an immediate start on their revision.  This is essential to maximise their potential which will, in turn, give them the best chance of success.  Furthermore, it will help to alleviate the stress that pupils experience when they recognise that they have left themselves too little time to do work needed for their examinations.  Finally, to allow you the opportunity to ask any questions around what is, for all of us, a very complicated examination system! I am anticipating that the session will last no more than an hour.

I would ask that you make a note of the date and time of this meeting and I am very much looking forward to seeing you on Monday.  I would also ask that this meeting take priority over any other commitment your child has on this date.

Kind regards

Mr Patrick Brunnock