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Yr11 Leavers Letter...

12 June 2018 (by Mark Letman (admin))

...and Leavers Mass Invitation.

By the time that you receive this letter, many of your children will have completed their GCSE examinations and, for everybody else, the end is certainly in sight. I hope that the remaining examinations go well and that all the hard work that has been done is rewarded when the results are published on 23 August 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support that you have given to the school during the five years that your children have been here and, in particular, during Year 11 when the pressure has been considerably increased. You will probably agree that that is something of an understatement! So many of our pupils have really ‘stepped up’ over the last few months, working so hard and doing everything to reach their potential. They could not have done this without you.

I write, also, to invite you to come along to the

Leavers’ Mass


Wednesday 20 June @ 7.00 pm

in the school hall

We celebrated the arrival of your children here, in September 2013 and it is fitting that we should mark their leaving. Please note that I have avoided using the word ‘celebrate!’ It is always a really lovely occasion where everybody can catch up after the pressure of the exams has disappeared. This is, in a sense, the spiritual precursor to the ‘Prom’ which will, undoubtedly, be a glittering and glamorous occasion, one evening later.

I would like to add, as well, a few words on a rather more sombre note about keeping your children safe over the holidays. You will, I am sure, remember that one of our pupils was involved in a dreadful accident in the Bay this time three years ago. I would urge you to ensure that your children do not swim there, or indeed in any other unsafe place. .

I look forward to seeing a great turnout at the Leavers’ Mass and I wish you all a restful and happy summer break.

Renewed thanks for all that you have done to support us.

Yours sincerely

Pat Pavlovic

Acting Headteacher