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28 November 2017 (by Mark Letman (admin))

Important message

MOBILE PHONES The school has a very clear policy about the use of Mobile Phones by pupils on the school premises. Pupils are NOT allowed to use their phones under any circumstances. If a pupil needs to contact home in an emergency, their Head of Year, Assistant Head of Year or the school office will assist them in this. If a pupil has their phone confiscated, it is returned at the end of the day. If, however, it is subsequently confiscated, then this will involve a longer period of confiscation of up to a week. If a child’s bus pass is on their phone, the office will lend them the bus fare to get home, but please inform the school via email (bmullins@cardiff.gov.uk) if you would prefer to make arrangements yourself to collect your child rather than let them make their own way home without their mobile phone. Clearly, it is in everyone’s interest that pupils do not have their phones taken and if parents could remind their children about this we, as a school, would be grateful as it makes life much easier for all concerned. Thank you.