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InTouch Communication for parents / carers

2 May 2017 (by Mark Letman (admin))

InTouch Communication

We are striving to improve the communication between the school and parents / carers. To ensure this is successful it is essential that we have up to date and correct information. Your child will bring home today a letter and form for you to update.

Our system currently contains the information that you provided to us previously and, in particular, the priority order for contacting you ie. in the majority of cases this is either Mother or Father as Priority 1 and 2 and then other family members, in some cases as alternative contacts.

The new system will only recognise those contacts who are listed as Priority 1 for sending an email or text message and we therefore need to update these priorities. If you wish, both parents may be classed as Priority 1 and will therefore both receive the email/text or, alternatively, only one parent will receive the information. Would you therefore please complete the required fields on the reverse of this letter and return to my PA, Mrs Barbara Mullins, as soon as possible. The quicker we can update our records, the quicker we can provide you with a more efficient service. Alternatively, you may email your details to bmullins@cardiff.gov.uk.

Please note, if we do not receive a reply by 19.05.2017, the email addresses currently on file will be used as our main point of contact. If there is no email address for Priority 1, we would then use Priority 2 as our primary method of contact. It is essential that information is correct and up to date.

We look forward to receiving your reply by return.