Year 8 Curriculum Summary

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

A Walk in the Park

• Map Work Skills
• Thinking skills
• Conflicts in National Parks
• What protected environments are
• Sustainable environments
• Brecon Beacons


For richer or poorer

• Map skills
• Graph work
• Atlas Work
• Kenya’s physical /human characteristics
• Development
• Sustainable tourism
• Thinking skills

UK and the EU

• What is the EU
• Benefits of being a member             
• Who makes up the EU
• History of the EU
• Map skills
• Thinking skills

Shop till You drop

• Fieldwork
• How shopping habits have changed
• Shopping areas in Cardiff
• Globalisation
• How people are affected by changes in shopping   
• Fieldwork


It’s a gangsters paradise

• Types of Crime
• Mapping crime
• Global crime
• Crime in Cardiff
• What can be done to reduce crime?
• The heroin trail

Bella Pasta

• Italy as a member of the EU
• Areas of Italy
• What are the attractions of Italy
• Food tasting
• Mapskills
• Thinking skills

Key words to learn:

Conflict, Protection,
sustainable erosion, pollution,
retail, convenience, comparison,
internet, shopping, hierarchy

Key words to learn: 

Development, Indicators,
physical, geography, MEDC, LEDC,
quality of life, infant mortality pollution,
tourism, crime,

Key words to learn:

Alps, Appenines,
Trade bloc, imports, exports,tariffs,


• A walk in the park: Mystery on the 
Brecon Beacons

• Shop til you drop: Fieldwork on shopping 
in Cardiff?


• For richer or poorer: a tourist guide to Kenya

• Gangsters paradise: storyboard of the heroin


• A tourist brochure of Italy

Year 9 Curriculum Summary

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Hazardous Earth

• Map Work Skills
• Photograph Interpretation
• Plate tectonics
• Causes of earthquakes / volcanoes         
• Solutions to future disasters



Geography of Sport

• Map skills
• Graph work
• Atlas Work
• Route Planning
• Sustainable stadiums
• Globalisation
• Mystery: Who misses the match


Living on the Edge

• Weathering
• Erosion
• Landforms
• Deposition
• Coastal Management
• Sustainability

Geography of Fashion

• Latitude & Longitude
• Map work
• Sustainable development
• Globalisation
• Fair Trade


Feeling Hot, Hot , Hot

• What is a carbon footprint?
• How can we reduce our footprint?
• What is Global Warming?
• What resources do we consume?
• How can we live more sustainable?


• Fieldwork Ogmore and Southerndown
• Skills
• Digital Camera

Key words to learn:

Conservative, constructive,
core, crust, mantle, destructive, extinct, dormant,   
lava, richter scale, globalisation, fair trade

Key words to learn:

Distance, direction, scale,
greenhouse effect, renewable energy,
fossil fuels, sustainability, conservation, pollution    

Key words to learn:

Arch, backwash, cave, 
groyne, corrosion, long shore drift, stump,
attrition, hydraulic action


• Hazardous Earth: newspaper on Asian Tsunami
• Fashion: (Mystery) Why is Rosa doing Annie's job?



• Where should we build the new stadium
in Cardiff?



• Fieldwork: Is there evidence of erosion along
the South Wales Coast?

Year 10 GCSE

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Water, Landforms & People

  • Map work Skills
  • Photograph interpretation
  • Erosion, Deposition & Transportation     
  • River Landforms
  • Coastal Landforms
  • Flooding
  • Water transfers
  • Water shortages
  • Water use
  • Coastal management
  • Sustainability 

Climate Environment & People

  • Map skills
  • Graph work
  • Synoptic charts
  • Appropriate maps
  • Difference between climate and weather   
  • Anticyclones
  • Depressions
  • Hurricanes
  • Norfolk Broads
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Sustainable development or TRF
  • Visit to Barcelona      
  • Fieldwork
  • ICT
  • Digital Camera
  • Number
  • Groupwork

Key words to learn: 

Erosion, deposition, hydraulic action, 
corrosion, attrition, abrasion, sustainability, lag time,
hydrograph, cave, arch, stack, long shore drift, levee,
groyne, wave cut, platform

Key words to learn: 

Climate, weather, anticyclone, isobar, 
depression, isotherm, ecosystem, food chain, sustainability,
emergent, biome


Cross unit task

Visitor pressure on the Grand Canyon

 Year 10 Exams  Fieldtrip

Year 11 GCSE

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

People and Place

  • Map work skills
  • Photograph interpretation
  • Population pyramids
  • DTM
  • Population explosion
  • Migration
  • Urban models
  • Urbanisation
  • Counter urbanisation
  • Favelas
  • Problems of urbanisation
  • Services in a city
  • Socio Economic groups


People, Work & Development   

  • Map skills
  • Graph work
  • Different types of industry
  • Changing inductrial location
  • TNCs
  • NICs
  • Locaton of industry
  • Development
  • Trade
  • Aid
  • LG, Newport
  • Employment structure
  • VW, Brazil
  • Visit to Barcelona      
  • Fieldwork
  • ICT
  • Digital Camera
  • Number
  • Groupwork

 Key words to learn:

Urbanisation, counterurbanisation, 
birth rate, infant, mortality, natural, increase,
regeneration, gentrification, CBD, inner city,
favela, life expectancy, socio economic

Key words to learn: 

Primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary,
development indicators, bilateral aid, industrial location,
transnational, company, trade, surplus, deficit,
balance of trade


 Mock Exams



Barcelona (15