Child Development


The syllabus content is divided into six compulsory core units which must be interrelated whenever possible and the content treated as an integrated whole.

Unit 1 – Family and Child
Unit 2 – Food and Health
Unit 3 – Pregnancy
Unit 4 – Physical Development
Unit 5 – Intellectual Development
Unit 6 – Social and Emotional Development.

The following topics outline the course that is studied during the two years for GCSE Child Development.

Term 1

  • The family and the child 
  • Role within the family. Relationship and breakdown of the family
  • Physical development – stages of physical development, child safety, treatment of accidents and immunisations
  • How children learn, learning through play.

Term 2

  • Controlled Task – Child Study – 30%, to focus on a child 1 to 5 years
  • Social development of the child (social play, manners and obedience
  • Emotional development of a child including stress factors.

Term 3

  • Dietary values, balanced diets
  • Bottle and breast feeding. Weaning
  • Fussy eaters, special dietary needs
  • Food hygiene and safety. Food poisoning.

Term 4

  • Planning a family
  • Growth and development of a baby
  • Ante and post natal care
  • Care of the new born baby
  • Controlled Task – 30% of final grade, folio and practical task consisting of  cooking for a child (Child Focused Task).

Term 5

  • Special needs children
  • Voluntary Agencies which support children
  • Different care settings (nursery, playgroup, child minder

The examination at the end of the year 11 is 40%